Datsun 120y B210 Coupe and Sedan

The B210 Datsun 120Y was a follow up to the successful B110 series and Sunny range of Datsun's. In production from 1973 - 1977 this popular car was a big seller in many export markets outside of Japan. The B210 came in a variety of body styles including a 4-door sedan, a 2 door hard top and a 2 door coupe, a wagon or a panel van, called Runner.

The 120Y carried the A12, A13, A14, L14, L16 engines were all fitted to the 120Y depending on its market. The vehicle could was quoted as being able to achieve 32 mpg which even by today's standards is quite good. The car was never popular for its styling, rather it was more popular as a cheap and cheerful form of transport.

It was extremely popular all over the world and sold well for Nissan in almost all markets. In fact you can still see many running around 30-40 years later. Their reliable engine and low maintenance cost means that many simply kept going even after years of neglect.

Finding a good example these days may prove somewhat difficult, in fact many of their bodies tended to rust before the engine itself would give up.

Given the popularity of the vehicle over the years and their increasing rarity as each year passes. This may be a surprise classic vehicle in years to come.