Datsun 510, 1600, Bluebird

Launched in 1968 and available new until 1973 the US market Datsun 510 as was known in the Australian market as a Datsun 1600 and in Japan it was called a Bluebird. The chassis was usually prefixed with P510 and the car was available in a range of styles including a 2 door version sold in the US, a 4 door version sold in Australia and a 2 door fastback version sold only in Japan. Each market featured its own unique set of tail light configurations and front grille treatments.

Fitted with the L16 4 cylinder engine which was essentially the what Nissan used as a template to build their 6 cylinder version for the 240z produced a modest 96 or so HP. Featuring a MacPherson suspension strut set up our front and independant trailing arm set up on the rear. The car is design is credited to Teruo Uchino.

The car was available in a range of configurations including the special SSS model a brand badge that was later fitted to the Nissan Pulsar series.

Rally success was part of the ranges braging rights and still is to this day, winning many races and performing very well in range of countries. The vehicles affordable price and performance combined to make the car a great seller in the US, Australia, Europe and of course Japan. Many cars are still competitively raced and a variety of engine swaps including but not limited to the L20 engine, FJ20, SR20, 13B (rotary), Z18.

Original cars are now difficult to find as most have been modified by pervious owners, but original examples are desirable and climbing in value.

The differences between years are subtle, but generally speaking the early cars featured a different dashboard cluster compared with the later version amonst other small subtle differences some vehicles were fitted with twin SU carbs and different interior trims were available.