Prince Skyline GTB

The Prince Skyline GTB was released by the Prince motor company, a company that was later bought out by Nissan Motors. The vehicle featured Triple Weber Carbuerettors and had a straight 6 2.0ltr SOHC engine that produced 127HP at 5500rpm. The car was also fitted with an LSD and 5spd gearbox and 99litre gas tank as standard equipment.

Fitted with front disc brakes and finned rear drums the skyline was very well equipped for its time.

The rear tail lights were of the circular hot plate type, perhaps inspiring the later designs to keep this trademark look. The Prince Skyline was sold in Japan and a small amount of them (around 300) also found their way to Australian shores. A GTB skyline was also entered into the Australian Bathurst race.

In Japan the GTB was also raced, although it is difficult to find much information on the subject.

Price wise the latest car to be sold on Trademe NZ was for about $25K USD. Prices will probably only continue to go up.

Finding parts now is very difficult, a head gasket for example needs to be custom made and finding an airbox to suit the Triple carbs is next to impossible. A small register exists in Australia for its members and they occasionally get together.

Contact Details

Prince Skyline GT Club Register
Po Box 32, Surrey Hills, Vic, 3127
Phone: (03) 9830 1639 (FAX)